What to Wear for Thanksgiving

Dress to impress and take advantage of these tips for what to wear for Thanksgiving. Base your style of dress on the type of Thanksgiving dinner event. Determine whether dinner is casual or dressy, inside or out!  Add appropriate accessories to create a little bit of “pop” to your outfit.

Here are some pointers about what to wear on Thanksgiving:


Keep it simple for a casual Thanksgiving. Dig a pair of khaki pants out of your closet and complement your pants with a nice, pressed button-down shirt, blouse, or sweater. Appreciate that khaki is a neutral color. In other words, the possibility of a mismatch of colors is fairly slim. Accessorize your outfit with a black or brown belt and shoes, and add a pop of color with a beautiful fall scarf! One of the best things about Fall is that it's the perfect time to dress in layers so throw a warm cardigan over the entire look!
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Impress family and friends at a dressy Thanksgiving with your best attire. Arrange your haircut or style or get a professional shave ahead of the big event. Women should consider a tailored dress, nylons, and heels, or add a personal touch with patterned tights and a pop of color with colorful heels. If you prefer, dress pants or a skirt with a silk or satin blouse in a rich color is also perfectly appropriate. For men, wear a suit, dress shirt, and tie along with socks that match your shoe color. You may also consider a sport coat depending on the venue. For the men, a clean shave is appreciated for a more traditional Thanksgiving - save the scruff for Black Friday!

Dress little girls in a dress, tights, and mary-janes and your little boys in suit pants and a button-down shirt. Add a bow tie for an extra dose of adorable! Incorporate fall colors such as brown, orange, and red into your look.

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Depending on where you live, your Thanksgiving feast may be as Thanksgiving originated - a celebration of the harvest, held outdoors. This may mean cooler temperatures after the sun goes down, and potentially even damp conditions. Here's where layers come in handy. Throw on your favorite jeans or khakis with your favorite shirt or light sweater, with a blazer or cardigan.  It might also be the perfect time to pull out your plaid flannel shirt or a warm knit scarf! You can always wrap the scarf around cooler shoulders later in the evening or throw a sweater on and cozy up to the firepit. Stick to flat shoes or even your favorite comfy fall boots if you're going to be on any uneven surface. Don't forget that kids love to run around and play with their cousins at family gatherings. If you're worried about them getting dirty, just pack some warm pajamas to change into for a cozy drive home!

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And remember, just like Joey's Thanksgiving Pants on Friends, your Thanksgiving wardrobe should reflect your desire to be comfortable with the friends and family that you're dining with - even after you indulge in all of your festive favorites!

Finally, if you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, send a Thanksgiving invitation online to set the tone for your event and share important details so guests know what to wear themselves! Customize your favorite Thanksgiving invitation, send via text or email, and gather RSVPs in minutes.

Not hosting this year? Send Thanksgiving eCards to friends and family with a special written message inside and deliver from any digital device. You can even add a video message and gift card!

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