Ways to Celebrate Halloween at a Distance

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Just because you have to practice social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time this Halloween! This year, bring people together in a safe way to celebrate this fun holiday. From Candy Hunts to Virtual Costume Contests, check out these Halloween online invitations that provide a variety of gorgeous invitation designs for all types of Halloween festivities. Have something specific in mind? Create your own unique Halloween design with our invitation maker layouts where you can upload your own photo or design.  

Not sure where to start? Here are several ways to celebrate Halloween at a distance:

Costume Parade

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The best part of Halloween for kids and adults alike is the dressing up! Even though we can’t celebrate traditionally this year doesn’t mean we can’t show off our Halloween costumes. Check out these tips for how to host a costume parade.
  • Find a safe place to host the parade such as a park or school yard.
  • Based on the age of the kiddos and the day of the week, pick a time that works best for families (not too late for little ones!). 
  • Have a designated place to start and end the parade.
  • Be sure to space everyone six feet apart. 
  • Parents, friends and neighbors should be encouraged to cheer their hearts out, play Halloween music, and dress up themselves!
  • Consider having a costume contest where designated judges vote for the best or most creative costume. 

Candy Hunt

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For parents who want the joy of Trick-or-Treat without exposure to dozens of houses in the neighborhood, a candy hunt is a great alternative. This can be done in your own home, your “pandemic pod” or with a small group of friends outdoors with masks and distancing. 

  • Parents can hide candy for kids to find around a home or property -- think an Easter Egg Hunt with a spooky twist!
  • Leave clues or riddles for participants about where the candy is hidden so they get to use their thinking caps and you don’t forget where you put the sweets!
  • Encourage everyone to come in costume and decorate their candy-collecting bags, pumpkins, or pillow cases.  
  • If it’s an evening event, be sure to have participants bring glow sticks and plenty of flashlights.
  • Remember to review any rules guidelines so that everyone is on the same page about safety guidelines. 

Decoration Tour

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Take a page from the joy of looking at holiday lights and create a Halloween Decoration Tour. 

  • Before Halloween, caravan around town and look for decorations that are worthy of a visit. 
  • Map out the best decorations and provide guests with a map. 
  • Have a clear start and end time so that everyone can safely congregate at the end of the event to vote for their favorites.
  • For an added twist, invite the families in your caravan to decorate their vehicles. Then let families and neighbors vote on the best decorated car! 

Virtual Costumes & Cocktails

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We’ve gotten used to Zoom celebrations, so why not Halloween, too? Plan a “Ghouls Night In” with an invitation that includes a Zoom link. 

  • Create a signature cocktail and provide the recipe in your Halloween invite. 
  • Set up a festive backdrop. Have guests vote on the best decorations. 
  • Have a costume fashion show where everyone gets a chance to talk about and display their ghostly garb. 
  • Vote on the Most Creative Costume, Best Homemade Costume, Scariest Costume, and Best Overall Costume.

Finally, if you can’t celebrate the holiday with loved ones this year, be sure to send free Halloween eCards to brighten their day! However you choose to celebrate, be sure to do it safely!

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