Unique Father's Day Gifts

Are you sick of giving Dad a tie for Father’s Day? Mix it up this year by giving a creative and unique Father’s Day gift that he would never expect. A nontraditional present is risky but rewarding because it's often a one-of-a-kind gift. When brainstorming unique Father’s Day gifts, try to thinki of things Dad loves to do or has always wanted to do, but just never had the chance. Find inspiration with our unique Father’s Day gift ideas below.

  • For the Outdoorsy Dad: Dads who love to be outside, try new things and be adventurous would love a gift that makes their heart race and gets their adrenaline pumping. Surprise Dad with scuba diving lessons, a skydiving trip, aviation lessons or an extreme fishing trip. 
  • For the Beer or Wine Connoisseur Dad: Give him a year membership to a beer or wine of the month club. Not only is this gift unique and special, but it keeps giving throughout the year! 
  • For the Domesticated Dad: New and stay-at-home Dads could always use a little extra help around the house. Arrange for a professional cleaning service to come regularly, set up cooking classes or hire a private chef for the night. 
  • For the Car-Enthusiast Dad: Rev Dad's engine with a special car-related gift to fuel his favorite hobby. Give him one year of free car washes, a gift certificate for car detailing, a radar detector or tickets to a local car show.
  • For the Traveling Dad: If Dad is always on the go, give him some essential traveling accessories to make trips a little less stressful. Give Dad a GPS system, a personalized toiletry bag, noise canceling headphones, a universal travel plug adaptor set or a comfy neck pillow and eye mask.
  • For the Sports Fan Dad: Give Dad a special treat like tickets to a game, sports memorabilia, a customized jersey or fan gear, tailgating equipment or a personal training session.
  • For any Dad: All dads could benefit from some rest and relaxation, so a gift that pampers is the perfect and unique gift idea for any father. Treat him to a professional massage, a gift certificate to his favorite barber or a day at the spa. 

Make Father's Day a day to remember and give a unique Father's Day gift to create special memories for years to come.

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