Twins Baby Shower Ideas

Oh boy…or girl. Maybe there will be one of each! Imagine the shock of finding out you are not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins! That means double the diapers, double the clothes and double the college tuition. Celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little bundles of joy with a baby shower for twins.

Fortunately, planning a baby shower for twins doesn't necessarily mean twice the work for the host. There are simple things you can do to incorporate twins into the shower, like choosing a game that is specific to twins versus one that is not.

Get started with these simple twin baby shower ideas:

  • Invitations: Upon opening twin baby shower invitations, guests will form an immediate impression of the upcoming event. Choose twin baby shower invitations that convey twins are on the way. Select an invitation with a picture of twin babies, two sets of baby clothing on a clothes line, or two baby carriages. You can also convey the message with wording such as, Two Peas in a Pod.
  • Theme: Twin baby shower themes help to add pizazz to the party. A popular twin baby shower theme is, Two Peas in a Pod. To incorporate the theme, purchase green paper plates, napkins, cups and cutlery. Select two candles shaped as babies, sitting in a pea pod for twin baby shower favors. Another option is to purchase green candles in votive holders. Place two candles, one representing each child, in either clear or green cellophane bags. Tie green ribbon at the top of the bags. Create a tag to string on the ribbon that says, “Two Peas in a Pod.”
  • Decorations: Browse your options for twin baby shower decorations to make the shower special for the mom-to-be. Purchase balloons to reflect either the gender of the babies, or the theme of the party. If the party is held at a residence, tie balloons outside of the house to help guests identify the location of the event. Decorate inside of the house or venue by tying balloons to chairs, and hang streamers around the room. Scatter mini plastic pacifiers, along with baby themed confetti on the tables.
  • Games: Encourage guests to participate in twin baby shower games throughout the event by offering an incentive, such as a prize. One idea for a game is to purchase two large rolls of ribbon and two pairs of scissors at your local arts and crafts store. Select the ribbon colors based on the genders of the babies. Select both pink and blue or yellow as a neutral color if the genders are unknown. Pass the ribbon and scissors around to guests at the baby shower, and request that they use their best judgment to cut a piece of ribbon that will fit around the waist and belly of the Mom-to-be! After all guests have cut their ribbons, cut a piece of ribbon that is the actual size of the future Mom’s waist and belly. Compare the guests’ ribbons to the ribbon cut to the actual size. Whichever guest comes closest wins a prize!
  • Centerpieces: Diaper cakes make ideal centerpieces, especially when there will be two little ones that will need to be changed constantly. Build two mini diaper cakes. Accent the cakes with bottle brushes, pairs of socks, pacifiers and teething rings. Select the accents based on the gender of the twins. If one baby is a boy, select blue socks, green pacifiers and yellow teething rings. If the other baby is a girl, select pink socks, purple pacifiers and magenta teething rings. Newborn size diapers will be appropriate for the twins’ baby shower.
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