Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

Put your anniversary gift dilemmas aside and consider giving traditional anniversary gifts by year. Show your love and appreciation with diamonds or a watch to complement the “together until the end of time” theme. Using this guide as a reference, you can select traditional anniversary gifts and add your own unique twists!

Celebrate the major milestones with these traditional wedding anniversary gifts:

  • One Year | Paper: Purchase or make a gift with paper for your first wedding anniversary. Write a poem for your love and place it in a picture frame. Develop additional wedding pictures for a picture perfect anniversary and place them in an album or a frame.
  • Five Years | Wood: Create or purchase a wooden gift for a five year anniversary. Consider a jewelry box from a local jewelry store. Personalize the box with a special anniversary message and the date.
  • 10 Years | Tin: On your anniversary traditional gifts made of tin or aluminum can help celebrate ten years of happiness. Purchase an aluminum bench for a backyard garden or a front porch. Attach a plaque to the bench with the initials of the couple and the date.
  • 15 Years | Crystal: Purchase a gift made of crystal for a fifteen year anniversary present. Choose a crystal vase with flowers inside. Also consider toasting glasses along with a bottle of bubbly champagne to celebrate the special occasion.
  • 20 Years | China: Select a piece of china for a twenty year wedding anniversary gift. Contact china companies to see if they accept custom orders. Design a piece of china to match the original set from your wedding.
  • 25 Years | Silver: Purchase something silver for a twentieth wedding anniversary. Visit a high end jewelry store and select a classic watch, necklace, or bracelet. Engrave the watch for your loved one.
  • 30 Years | Pearl: Give a gift made of pearl to celebrate thirty years of marriage. A set of pearl earrings or a necklace is perfect for her. An item with mother of pearl accents, such as a paper weight, a picture frame, or a ring is ideal for him.
  • 35 Years | Coral: Select a gift made of coral for a thirty-fifth anniversary. Perfect presents include a coral tray, vase, keepsake box, candlesticks, or a chess set.
  • 40 Years | Ruby: Give a piece of ruby jewelry for a forty year anniversary. Select a ruby ring or necklace for a perfect gift.
  • 45 Years | Sapphire: Purchase a piece of sapphire jewelry for a forty-five year anniversary. Consider a gift in the color sapphire blue such as a vase or a decorative plate.
  • 50 Years | Gold: Show your love and commitment fifty years later with a gift of gold. Purchase a gold necklace, gold earrings, or a set with both. Another idea for a gold present is a watch to show that you and your loved one will be together until the end of time.
  • 55 Years | Emerald: Search for the perfect set of emerald earrings for a fifty-five year anniversary. Wrap the gift in emerald colored paper and add a ribbon.
  • 60 Years | Diamond: Celebrate sixty wonderful years with a gift of diamonds. Purchase an anniversary band for your significant other or upgrade the diamond on the engagement ring.

Follow this traditional anniversary gifts list but be sure to add your own special touch. Personalize a piece of jewelry or engrave a picture frame with a unique anniversary message. Keep the tradition but make the gift your own!

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