Winter Baby Shower Ideas

If you know someone who's baby is scheduled to arrive in the winter months, throw her a winter-themed baby shower using snowflake and snowman motifs. A winter theme is a whimsical way to celebrate the arrival of a little one. Follow the steps below to create your own winter wonderland!

  • Decorations: What can be cuter than little socks and mittens? Hang baby mittens and socks on clothespins. This décor will serve double duty as it can be given as a gift to the new baby. Bring the outside in by decorating with white flowers such as amaryllis or white roses with wintry berries. You can also sprinkle snowflake confetti or faux snowflakes on tables. Create little snowmen out of Styrofoam balls. You can make small ones for place card holders, or create large ones topped with a baby hats for centerpieces.
  • Activity: For a fun baby shower activity, buy simple white cotton baby hats and provide a variety of materials to decorate them. Your guests will enjoy creating a cute little hat to keep the baby warm in the winter months.
  • Menu: Keep guests warm at your winter baby shower with tomoto soup and an adult version of grilled cheese sandwiches. Instead of American cheese on white bread that the kids adore, make your grilled cheese with gruyere cheese and sourdough bread. For dessert, serve coconut cupcakes and hot chocolate. To build on your snowy theme, you can decorate your cupcakes as snowmen or make snowflake sugar cookies as another dessert option. 
  • Favors: Send your guests home with personalized hot chocolate favors. To make the favors, buy a bulk container of hot chocolate and measure individual servings into white paper packets or cellophane bags. Add a little packet of mini marshmallows and tie with a pretty ribbon. You can either purchase or create your own labels with directions on them for making the hot chocolate.

That’s all you need to create a warm welcome for your guests and the new baby at your next winter-themed baby shower!

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