Thanksgiving Party Supplies

 Prepare for turkey day this year with all of the necessary supplies to entertain your guests and make the day perfect. Plan Thanksgiving supplies for the tables, decorations, serving, and cooking. Take a look through your supplies from previous years, and then make a shopping list to account for the remaining necessities.
 Here are a few things to make sure you have on your Thanksgiving supplies checklist:
  • Thanksgiving table supplies: Dress your table for the turkey day occasion based on the style of the event. For fancy or formal Thanksgiving dinners, use tablecloths, table runners, and chair covers. For another idea, in place of a table cloth, use stylish placemats. Prepare either paper or cloth napkins and use decorative napkin rings for the cloth version. Finish off the table with plates, cups, wine glasses, and cutlery. If you are expecting a large group, consider renting party supplies from a local vendor. 
  • Thanksgiving decoration supplies: Get in the festive Thanksgiving spirit and decorate for the holiday. Include a centerpiece on each table and send the centerpieces home with guests at the end of the meal. Consider centerpieces such as cornucopias, gourds and squash in baskets, pumpkins, garlands made of leaves, pillar candles, or even fruit baskets with treats for guests.
  • Thanksgiving serving supplies: Prepare your Thanksgiving serving supplies well in advance of the big day. Make a list of the dishes you plan to serve and be sure you have platters and bowls to suit the main course and side dishes. Don’t forget the gravy bowl! Pair serving utensils with the platters and bowls. Resort to your fine china or use your every day dishes.
  • Thanksgiving cooking supplies: Review your menu for turkey day and be sure you have Thanksgiving cooking supplies to support each dish. Clean out the extra refrigerator in the basement and store the Thanksgiving food. Plan for the necessary ingredients along with pots, pans, roasting equipment, a meat thermometer, basting tools, and turkey carver.
 Start your list for Thanksgiving party supplies well in advance and add to it over time. Review the recipes for the main course and side dishes, and take notes about the supplies necessary to make the food. Cover all the bases so you don't miss a beat!
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