Thank You Card Wording

Sending a thank you card is a nice way to express your gratitude when someone does something nice. General etiquette is to send a thank you note a few days following the receipt of a gift or after a dinner or event. Punchbowl offers a wide variety of beautiful, free eCards to tell that special person that you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Some people are great with thank you card wording, it just floats right out. Others struggle with finding the right thank you eCard wording to express how they feel. Here are some helpful hints for thank you greetings to make coming up with the right words easy.

Speak from your heart: Don't worry about saying the "right" things. Tell the person how you thankful you feel, even if it seems redundant. No one complains that they've been thanked for something too much!

Mention the details: If you're sending a thank you note to a hostess or because of a gift you've received, mentioning the details is always key. It shows you were paying attention and that their thoughtfulness was truly acknowledged.

Return the favor: If someone has done something nice for you, mention that you'd love to do the same for them in your note. It's important to show that their good deed will be reciprocated someday.

A few opening thank you greeting ideas include:

"Dear Sally, Wow! What a party! John and I had a wonderful time and couldn't believe all the work you did to make a pitch-perfect event. You are truly an exceptional hostess."

"Hi there! Amy, you really are an amazing friend. I was so touched when I opened Jake's baby present and saw that you knitted the most adorable baby blanket for his crib. I love it and we'll cherish it forever."

"Dear Mr. Smith, Words cannot express just how thankful my husband and I are that you were able to help with the sale of our home. You went above and beyond the call of duty and your professionalism was top-notch. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all our friends and neighbors."

Free thank you eCards from Punchbowl are the perfect way to easily express your gratitude in a beautiful way. Check out the variety of eCards available and show your thanks today!


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