Summer Party Themes

A summer party theme is a fun way to tie together any summer party. The best summer party themes are those that incorporate the outdoors because they take advantage of the beautiful weather! If you want summer party theme ideas for an outdoor summer theme party, take a look at the suggestions below:

Summer Party Themes for Kids

  • Campfire party: This is an ideal nighttime party that focuses on things to do around a campfire. First, locate a place where you can create a big bonfire. If you or a friend has an outdoor fire pit, use that. Otherwise, ask around about opportunities at local parks and beaches. The night of the party, ask guests to bring blankets and bundle up around the fire. Plan activities like scary storytelling and camping out. Don’t forget the s’mores ingredients! Make sure you have plenty of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows handy to make an endless supply of these campfire favorites.

Summer Party Themes

  • Ships ahoy party: The key to this party is to make kids feel like they’ve just stepped onto a ship! Make sure everything looks nautical and boat-themed. For decorations, either go with a navy and white theme or select decorations that look like they come from boats and ships, such as nautical rope and mermaid figurines. Any decorations, tablecloths, plates, etc. with anchor prints on them will be perfect for this party. The food should be seafood, of course! Serve kids some of their favorites like fish n’ chips and popcorn shrimp.

Summer Party Themes for Adults

  • Frozen party: What better way to resist the hot weather than with things that are frozen? For this party, everything should be about ice—just make sure nothing melts! This is a great idea for a casual cocktail party. For food and drink, think popsicles and frozen margaritas. You can even have a make-your-own sundae bar complete with several flavors of ice cream and delicious toppings like chocolate syrup and candy. Serve drinks in double-walled glasses that have ice in them. You’ll be able to find these at party and home goods stores.

Summer Party Themes

  • Beach party: Bring the beach to your guests with a beach party on your porch! Think sandboxes, beer, and volleyball. People will think they’re at the beach! On a hot summer’s day, ask guests to bring their bathing suits and get ready for some fun in the sun. Get out the hose, fill up some water balloons, and break out the Slip N’ Slide. For food, serve classic barbecue items like hamburgers and hot dogs. Make sure to buy lots of drinks to stay hydrated!
These summer party themes are great for those spontaneous parties that are thrown together on beautiful days. Just make sure you find the time to hit up the grocery store beforehand for supplies!
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