Stock the Bar Shower

Celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a special couple and fill their liquor cabinet at the same time by throwing a stock the bar shower. Plan the shower at a residence or a favorite local venue such as a restaurant, rental hall or wine vineyard in the area.

Stock the bar party ideas include:

  • Invitations: Send stock the bar invitations to guests to invite them to the shower. Browse Punchbowl's selection of wedding shower invitations to find a design that will be sure to knock the corks out of the wine bottles! Use wording on the stock the bar shower invitations such as, "Sip some wine, drink some beer, the shower everyone has been waiting for is almost here! Please join us for a stock the bar bridal shower honoring..." Include the event's date, time, and location. On the stock the bar invites, include a line that says, “As a portion of the shower gift, bring a bottle of wine or hard liquor for the bride!”
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  • Decorations: Transform the venue for the stock the bar bridal shower into a vineyard. Cover the tables with purple tablecloths and incorporate the colors green and tan in the cups, plates, napkins and cutlery. Decorate the tables with grapevines and either full or empty bottles of wine. Put wine charms on wine glasses when serving guests. If there is assigned seating at the shower, make corks into place card holders. For centerpieces, purchase candles that are formed into the shape of a cork. Put a set of four or five wine bottles in the center of the table with candle corks.

  • Game: Get everyone to mingle at the stock the bar wedding shower by planning a game. Encourage guests to interact by playing a memory game. When guests arrive, request that all of the liquor be placed on one table. During the event, gather guests together in a circle. Give each person around the circle a turn to take a guess at which individual brought which alcoholic beverage. Keep a tally of the correct guesses per person and award themed prizes at the end of the game.
Perfect for any wine or liquor connoisseur, a stock the bar wedding shower is an ideal way to celebrate the impending nuptials and host a festive wine tasting or cocktail party at the same time.
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