Still Time to Plan a Labor Day Cookout

A Labor Day cookout is a great way to end the summer. You can get all of your friends and family members together and have a blast at an outdoor barbeque. The great thing about planning this party is that you can put it together last-minute! Just follow these suggestions for Labor Day cookout ideas:
  • Invitations: The most important element of any last-minute Labor Day barbeque is the invitation! Make sure to send this out quickly so that guests can plan to attend your party. The most efficient way to do this is use online invitations. Brose through some inspired and elegant designs here.

  • Potluck: In order to make your Labor Day cookout planning easier, make the party a potluck! Use Punchbowl’s potluck feature to ask each guest to bring a different drink, side dish, or dessert. If guests want suggestions, ask them to bring items such as beer, pasta or potato salad, brownies, and watermelon. Then, purchase simple grill items like hamburgers and hot dogs for the main courses. This is a time-effective and delicious strategy. Just make sure someone brings the condiments!

  • Music: If you’re in need of musical entertainment for your party but don’t have the time to look for bands, not to worry! Ask a guest if he or she would like to make a playlist for the party instead of bringing a dish. Someone will definitely want this job, as there is always at least one musical fanatic at every party. If not, use an online source to create a playlist for you. This way, you won’t have to waste time worrying about what music to play.
  • Decorations: Don’t worry about getting fancy decorations for this party. If you plan your Labor Day cookout at least a few days in advance, you can quickly choose and order decorations and other party supplies from online party stores.
These are just a few quick Labor Day barbeque ideas to get you started on the right track. Remember not to worry about the details and to enjoy the last few days of summer!
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