Spring Party Games & Activities

Celebrate spring by throwing a celebration filled with spring party games and activities. Plan games that are appropriate for a variety of age groups, such as young children, teenagers and adults. Offer prizes as an incentive for guests to participate in the activities.

Here are some spring games and activities for various age groups along with matching online invitations you can customize and send by text or email in minutes.

Young Kids: Scavenger Hunt  

Plan a scavenger hunt for a fun spring activity that will get kids moving! Begin by making a list of items that are easy to spot from a distance, and are also easy for young children to read off of the list. Have an adult assist with facilitating the game by holding the list, and asking for the children's help to call out each item. Have all of the children search together in a group for a variety of different objects, such as a rock, stick, leaf and flower. If the kids become frustrated, offer hints about where to find the objects. Award prizes to each member of the group at the end of the scavenger hunt. Fun spring prizes for kids are bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and kites!

Teenagers: Carnival Games

Welcome the warmer weather with carnival-themed outdoor games teens will love. 

  • Water Gun Race: Secure golf tees into a foam brick or cardboard box and balance ping-pong balls on top. Have guests race to see who can be the first to knock off their ball first. 
  • Ring Toss: Set up soda bottles and designate each with a certain number of points (more points for bottles that are further away!). Have guests try to toss swim dive rings onto the bottles. 
  • Cornhole: This is a classic and simple game that everyone seems to love. Either make your own cornhole set or  purchase one.
  • Guessing Booth: Fill one or two jars with jellybeans, Skittles, or M&Ms and have guests estimate how many candies are in each jar. Winners take home the sweets!
  • Three-Legged Race: Pair guests together and use bandanas to tie legs together. Draw a start line and a finish line and have a judge present at the finish line to determine who wins the race! Hand out prizes to the winners such as iTunes gift cards, a deck of cards, or a keychain.

Adults: Bocce, Bunco & BBQ

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine with a Bocce tournament. Pair guests together and play round robin games where each team plays every other team once. Winning teams can duke it out in a final match! Check out this guide on how to set up a bocce tournament

Still too chilly outside? Enjoy some Bunco and BBQ indoors! Set up tables for Bunco inside your home and serve guests warm-weather dishes like burgers, hotdogs, coleslaw, and potato salad. Check out how to host a Bunco tournament and start planning!

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