Spring Fundraiser Ideas

Are you looking for some fun spring fundraiser ideas or maybe a few spring fundraiser themes to make your charitable activities more appealing to the masses? There is never a shortage of people or causes in need but thinking outside of the box when it comes to throwing a spring party with a purpose is essential to ensure lots of people participate and give.

Once you pick a fundraiser idea, set the stage for your event and spread the word with online fundraiser invitations you can customize and deliver by text or email. If people can't attend your event, give them the opportunity to donate through the Contributions feature in your invitation.

Make sure your fundraiser has an appealing or relevant spring fundraiser theme. Here are some really great and original spring fundraising ideas to get your planning started:

  • Have a lemonAID stand: One of the more simple fundraising ideas for the spring, but super effective, is organizing one or many lemonade stands throughout your community. Have the kids join in and help out to keep the excitement growing. Sign up to become lemonAID warriors! Pick a cause that is near and dear to your community. Local press and corporations will be more than happy to donate attention, time, or resources to the spring fundraiser's effort, and the more, the merrier.

  • Teach what you know: Between you, your friends, coworkers, family members, and members of your community, there is a wealth of information and skills. Organize a day of teaching for those less fortunate on a weekend and have people donate their time to instruction. Some much needed skills are résumé writing, how to interview, cooking, clipping and using coupons, or growing a vegetable garden. Whether it's a single mom in need of a job or an elderly woman looking to save money, everyone can use a new skill or two.

  • Game day: Spring is the season of outdoor sports. Soccer, softball, lacrosse -- every family is out and about after work and on weekends, taking part in team sports. Instead of just being about exercise, make game day about raising money for a cause like cancer research, school supplies for under-resourced schools, or a local animal shelter. Ask local companies to match donations and be a part of the day!
Use your imagination when thinking of a spring fundraiser theme or spring parties with a purpose and make sure to take advantage of the warmer weather, rising spring spirits, and plethora of people in need.
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