Rustic Bridal Shower Ideas

Plan a beautiful, nature-inspired rustic bridal shower to celebrate the bride-to-be before her big day. Consider a rustic bridal shower theme for brides-to-be who would appreciate a magical and romantic shower. With a rustic theme, plan for decorations, food, and lighting that are both whimsical and romantic.

Here are some ideas for planning a rustic-themed bridal shower:

Naked Cakes: When you are considering cakes or cupcakes for your rustic shower, remember one rule of thumb- ditch the frosting (or, some of it, at least!). Naked cakes or cupcakes are beautifully un-polished and the perfect choice for a rustic shower.

Mason Jar Lighting: Put tea-lights or small candles in old mason jars to create a romantic and picturesque aesthetic for your shower. You can consider hanging your re-purposed mason jars from tree branches, or even clotheslines, for enchanting and soft lighting. Use mason jar lights throughout your entire venue to complete the theme.       

Floral and Wood: The key to decorating for a rustic bridal shower is to incorporate both floral and wood into your theme. In the weeks leading up to the bridal shower, scour for old wooden crates or pallets at antique stores and yard sales. You can even consider using tree stumps for seating and small tables at your shower. Fill mason jar vases with beautiful pink, blue, purple, and cream-colored flowers. Accents of floral and wood decor will harmonize and help create a picture-perfect rustic theme.

Chalkboard Ideas: Chalkboards are a popular choice for bridal showers no matter the theme; however, wooden chalkboards accented with a fresh floral garland are the perfect decoration choice for a rustic bridal shower. Consider making a “Their Love Story” chalkboard, where you outline the bride-to-be’s relationship milestones- when she first met her match, their first date, and the proposal.


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