Rev Up Planning for Your Indy 500 Party

The Indianapolis 500 is the perfect excuse to throw a party! Since the event is all about the big race, don't spend time thinking about activities or all the little decor details. Focus on what's really important, the food! Since the weather will be warming up and people will be itching for some BBQ, Indy 500 menu ideas include doing a bunch of meat on the grill or catering with a food truck that specializes in Southern cuisine. 

Here are some creative and delicious Indianapolis 500 party ideas for what to serve guests so they'll be talking about what they ate as much as who won the race!

Indy 500 food ideas:

  • Indianapolis 500 appetizers: Whip up a few yummy appetizers to display around the television for guests to snack on while watching the race. Put out all the standard apps, like chips and dip, cut vegetables, spinach and artichoke dip, and some popcorn and nuts. You could also make nachos with a variety of melted cheeses, shredded chicken, sundried tomatoes, and corn salsa.
  • Indianapolis finger foods: Since most guests will be paying attention to the race, put out a buffet table with a variety of finger foods rather than serving a sit-down meal. Prepare or cater some classic American favorites like chicken fingers with dipping sauces, BBQ ribs and chicken, mini hamburger sliders, chili hotdogs, and deli sandwiches. People will be able to help themselves and the food can be eaten on the go during commercial breaks.
  • Indianapolis 500 desserts: For a tasty finishing touch, prepare or have a local bakery prepare a few desserts for guests to choose from. A brownie sundae bar is fun and super indulgent. Have several types of brownies--some with just chocoloate, some with peanut butter, and a dark chocolate variety. Everyone can scoop out the vanilla ice cream and top with hot fudge, caramel sauce, nuts, candies, sprinkles, whipped cream, or even fruit sauce. For an easier option, buy some freshly baked pies and serve warm with ice cream.

Indy 500 party ideas don't end with just the food. Make sure you have plenty of beverages for everyone to choose from. Set up a wet bar and bottled water, soda, a variety of juices, lemonade, and coffee or tea to complement dessert. Get ready to rev your engines and watch the excitement begin!

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