Reasons to Send Thank You eCards

There are probably a million reasons to say “Thank You.” Here are just a few of the people to send thank you eCards to and why:

1. Your boyfriend for helping you move heavy furniture up three flights of stairs
2. Your neighbor for lending you a shovel when your snowblower broke down
3. Your maid of honor for organizing the best bachelorette party ever
4. Your roommate for taking out the trash, doing the dishes, and cleaning the toilet
5. Your mom for putting up with you whenever you're in a bad mood
6. Your best friend for listening to you stress about your current relationship
7. Your coworker for helping you meet your deadline
8. Your dad for giving advice even when you don't think you need it
9. Your sister for letting you borrow her favorite shirt to wear on a date
10. Your buddy for picking you up from the airport after an early morning flight

Okay, you get it. People do things for us all the time. Usually because they care about us and they're good friends/family. But it doesn't hurt to show that you really truly appreciate them.

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