Preschool Graduation Party Ideas

You're baby is finally graduating—from preschool! A preschool graduation is a big milestone in a child's life. The school usually makes a big deal about the occasion so why not host a preschool graduation party for your little graduate? Little do they know that they have years and years of school ahead of them.

Here are some preschool graduation party ideas you can use to plan the big event!

  • Invitations: The preschool graduation party doesn't have to be big. You can send preschool graduation invitations to close family and fellow “graduates” with their parents.
  • Theme: An appropriate preschool graduation theme is "Building Blocks." The kids have learned their A, B, Cs and will take what they've learned at the preschool level and will build on that in kindergarden. Decorations for this theme will be easy if you focus on the traditional, colorful building blocks with the letters on them. You can work the theme into the preschool graduation invitation, the cake, and the favors.         
  • Menu: Make sure to provide lots of kid friendly snacks like chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, fruit punch, and cookies. Also, it might be handy to obtain a list from the pre-school of any children with peanut allergies prior to preparing the food.
  • Activities: Weather permitting, set up a kiddie pool or a slip-n-slide for the kids to enjoy. Get the kids out of their hot preschool graduation gowns and into their swimsuits! Bubbles, silly putty, and sidewalk chalk are other activities that will keep kids entertained for a while. Have any artistic friends? Ask them if they'd be willing to help out with face painting or making balloon animals (you can get a kit and learn how to do it yourself!). 

Hopefully these ideas for a preschool graduation will make a lasting impression on your little one and it will prepare you for bigger graduations to come!

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