Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

Get ready, get set, get your pregnant Halloween costume ideas in order! Give yourself plenty of time to think about maternity costume ideas before trick-or-treating or attending a party. After all, just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Halloween with some cute Halloween costumes for pregnant women! There are plenty of cute Halloween costumes for pregnant women. Whether you choose maternity costume ideas that incorporate your baby bump or hide it, you’ll still be able to celebrate Halloween like everyone else — in costume!

Check out these pregnancy Halloween costume ideas to see what will work for you. These maternity costumes should work regardless of what stage you are at in your pregnancy:

  • Juno: Dress up as Juno from the 2007 movie. Wear an orange and white striped shirt with a black zip-up hoodie. Compliment the striped shirt with a pair of blue jeans and a brown skirt. Wear comfortable black sneakers. Carry around a bottle of Sunkist orange juice and wear a name tag that says, “Hello, my name is Juno,” for the finishing touch. Tie your hair back and pull forward a few long bangs on the side. Your Juno look is complete!
  • Bun in the Oven: Make a bun in the oven costume with a few simple items. Purchase five large pieces of white felt and sew or glue them together to create a box without a bottom, similar to a stove. Also purchase black felt and cut it into large and small circles for the stove top and stove knobs. Cut arm holes through the right and left sides, and a hole through the top for your head. Create a bread bun with a piece of beige felt. Cut a piece of clear plastic in a square shape for the door to the oven. Compliment the costume with black spandex pants and a black shirt.
  • Basketball Mom: Turn your belly into a basketball for Halloween. Wear a basketball jersey to represent your favorite team. Roll the shirt above your pregnant belly. Use non-toxic paint to create a basketball on your belly. Cover your entire belly in orange paint and paint black lines. Wear jeans, and create a basketball net at the waistline with white rope. Put your hair in braids, and wear a hat for the final touch!
If you don’t want to draw attention to your pregnancy, opt for more traditional Halloween costumes. A witch costume, for example, will allow for you to hide under a black dress or cape.
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