Planning a Medical School Graduation Party

Graduating from medical school is a huge accomplishment. It is the end of many long years of school (and the beginning of long hours of interning and residency). A med school graduation party is a nice time to honor the achievements of the future doctor before he/she is busy preparing for their busy career. 

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Here are some medical school graduation party ideas below. 

  • Food: With all of the hospital shows on tv, you could play it up by using characters names on food description cards. For example, who could pass up "McDreamy" chocolate cake or "House" salad? Display comfort-food appetizers like homemade tator tots or mini grilled cheese sandwiches on hospital trays.

  • Drinks: If you want to get a little creative for age-appropriate guests, check out these syringe jello shots. They also work great for a nursing school graduation party. Create a special cocktail for the guest of honor based on their favorite drink, like "Work Hard, Play Hard Lemonade" (fresh lemonade with a splash of flavored vodka and a twist of lime).

  • Decorations: Planning on having a cake? Decorate the cake like the classic childhood game, "Operation." It will be a blast from the past for most of your guests and will fit it perfectly with your medical theme. Go on a shopping spree at a hospital supply store and stock up on hospital gowns/scrubs, surgical masks and rubber gloves. Leave them by the door as guests arrive with a sign that says, "Suit up for surgery!" Scatter balloons and gauze throughout the space and decorate table tops with vases full of lollipops - the perfect treat reminiscent of childhood trips to the pediatrician.
Hopefully you've gotten some fun ideas for your medical school graduation party but make sure your graduate also knows how proud you are of him/her. It took a lot of hard work and determination to make it through medical school. Have a toast in their honor and share a few words of kindness for the graduate.
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