1st Birthday Party Planning Tips

 Whether you’re a first time host or have been throwing parties for years, one of the most important things to remember is to focus on your party theme. Emphasize your party theme at every turn in the party planning process to help your party appear well planned and consistent in the eyes of your guests.
 This is certainly important to remember when you plan your child's first birthday. First birthdays almost always have a theme—from monkeys to Mickey and everything in between. Incorporate the theme into your first birthday invitations, decorations, menu, music, activities, and favors. Wondering how to choose a theme? Focus on what he or she likes. He or she may only be one, but it is likely that he or she has a favorite stuffed animal, favorite toy, or favorite food. 
 Another thing to remember about your child's first birthday is that most of your guests will be there to see the guest of honor. Make sure your child is well rested (schedule the party around nap time). Make sure he or she is wearing a cute outfit for all of those photo opps with eager friends and family. And, make sure he or she has fun activities to do at the party besides getting passed around from guest to guest.  
 Another very important aspect of hosting a party is to remember your guests. While the party may be about celebrating your child's first birthday, it's still your first venture into being a host and keeping guests happy should be something you focus on no matter the party theme or occasion. The best way to make sure your guests enjoy your first party is to make them feel special and to make sure they’re well cared for throughout the party.
 Be attentive to their needs and keep an eye on their food and drink levels during the birthday party. Are any friends or family members vegetarians? Do they have allergies? If so, be sure to offer several food options for partygoers so that they leave feeling satisfied and not underfed. Make a point of thanking them for coming and try to demonstrate without necessarily saying it out loud how glad you are to have them there for your first party.
 The last piece of party planning advice for first birthdays: relax! People attend parties because they’re fun, and it should be no different for you as the host. Take pleasure in celebrating your child's first year…there will be many more birthdays after this one!

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