How to Plan a Pirate Party

Ye who desires creative pirate party ideas, look no further. Pirate parties are as good as buried treasure. They are great for adults, but they're extremely popular for kids parties, especially given the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Here are some great ways to create a memorable pirate birthday party:

  • Invitations: Send pirate invitations to build excitement for the pirate party. If you'd like guests to dress like pirates with hats, eye patches, striped shirts, etc. make sure to specify the dress code on the invitation. You can also use pirate speak, such as "Ahoy mateys, ye invited to a birrrthday parrrty for Justin on Saturday at high noon."
  • Food: What else would you serve at a pirate party but seafood! Since not all kids may be seafood fans, a safe bet is fish sticks and french fries or pirate's booty popcorn. For dessert, serve up pirate cupcakes or a pirate cake. If you really want to impress the kids, try cutting the cake with a small pirate sword!
  • Decorations: Hang up pirate flags like the ones you've seen in the movies—black flags with the skull and cross-bones. Instead of a tablecloth, use a fish net for effect (you may want to put clear plastic underneath to protect your table). When browsing pirate party supplies, grab some small treasure chests to fill with gold coins and old costume jewelry and strategically place them throughout the party.
  • Games: What pirate party is complete without a pirate party games? Nothing fits the theme more than a hunt for buried treasure. Set up a scavenger hunt with clues either in the house, or outside if weather permits. Kids can be divided into teams of 3 or 4 to figure out the clues that will take them to the buried treasure. Remember, X marks the spot!
  • Favors: Gold coins, or "pirate's booty," make great favors. Kids will love the gold coins that are really chocolate covered in gold foil! You can include the pirate's booty coins in a goodie bag with pirate stickers and an eye patch.

How to Plan a Pirate Party

  • Bonus Idea: If you really want to impress the kids, hire a balloon artist to come and make balloon swords and pirate hats for the kids. They'll have fun watching the artist at work and they'll have a terrific favor to go home and show their parents!

Lastly, for a pirate twist on the traditional "Happy Birthday" song, check out this video for a "Pirate Birthday" song that you can sing at the party. Give kids a handout with the words or have the adults sing this version first, then have the younger kids sing the traditional version.





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