Plan a Roarin' Lion Guard Birthday Party

Show your guests a wild time with a Lion Guard birthday party theme! Punchbowl can help you plan an exciting day with exclusive online invitations featuring your favorite characters, including Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Ono, and Beshte.

Customize this one-of-a-kind invitation design with the guest of honor’s name, party date, time, location, and any other details your guests should know. Once you’ve personalized your Lion Guard invitation design, you can share it with party guests via email and social media.

Free Lion Guard Online Invitations

After you send your free Lion Guard invitation, start planning a celebration that’s fit for the king of the jungle! Here are a few ideas for a roarin’ fun Lion Guard birthday party:

Make Your Own Mane: Have guests make their own lion manes out of paper plates and paper strips. Pre-cut the plates to include a cutout large enough for your guests’ faces. Set out paper strips of varying colors - yellow, orange, and red are all good choices. Have your guests glue the strips of paper to the pre-cut paper plate as they please. They’ll have their very own lion’s mane to wear during the party in no time!

Decorate Paw Print Cookies: Ahead of time, make circular sugar cookies for guests to decorate with lion’s paw prints. Set out colorful icing for your guests to choose from. It’s a good idea to create a cookie of your own to use as an example that the kids can model their own cookies after. This will be a fun and delicious activity for your party guests!

Safari Photo Booth: Transport your guests to the wild plains of the Pride Lands with an interactive safari photo booth. Ahead of time, set up an area of the room with a “grassy” backdrop made using green party streamers. Include safari hats, binoculars, and fun animal-print outfits for your guests to wear for the photos. Try getting a picture of each party guest with the birthday boy or girl – they can be used as fun additions to a thank-you note!

Personalize your Lion Guard online invitation, and start planning your party today!

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