Plan a Heartwarming Disney Christmas Party

You’ve decked the halls, and now it’s time to plan a memorable Christmas party!  Bring out the joy of the season when you choose a Disney Christmas party theme. Punchbowl offers exclusive online invitations for Disney-themed parties, including a Mickey Mouse Christmas invitation and Disney Princess Winter invitation!

Choose this festive Mickey Mouse Christmas online invitation to kick off your holiday celebration. It features Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy as they gather ‘round the Christmas tree. A retro envelope liner and matching Mickey Mouse Santa postage stamp make this free Mickey Mouse Christmas invite a playful way to impress guests and add some Disney holiday magic to your party!

Free Christmas party invitations

free Christmas invitations


If you’d like to add some extra sparkle to your Christmas party, check out the Disney Princess Winter invitation featuring Aurora, Cinderella, and Tiana. With pink and light blue stars and snowflakes throughout, this free online invitation is sure to add extra holiday magic to your Christmas party. 

Free Disney Princess Online Invitation

Customize any of these charming invites with the party date, time, location, and any other details your guest will want to know. Once the design is ready, you can quickly and conveniently share your invitations via email or share them on social media.

After sending your Disney party invitations, find ways to incorporate the beloved characters into the rest of your party details! Here are some festive party ideas to add some joy to your Disney Christmas party:

  • Mickey Mouse-themed gift swap: A gift swap is the perfect way to entertain your party guests and get conversation going! Have each guest bring a wrapped, Mickey Mouse themed present, and be sure to set a price limit beforehand. Guests will draw numbers from a hat, and then will open a gift in order of highest number to lowest. Each guest chooses whether they want to keep or swap their gift with another guest’s!
  • Dress Like a Princess: Gather fabrics from old dresses and your local fabric store that your guests can use to make their own princess gowns. Use fabrics like satin, silk, lace, and tulle in red, green, silver and gold along with ribbons, scarves, and other items that the girls can use to "belt" their looks. They will likely need help wrapping the fabrics around them or pinning them so they stay on. Have an extra adult to help with this step. Extra points for incorporating fun holiday colors like red, green, silver, and gold.
  • Serve Themed Snacks: Serve mini peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and mini carrot cupcakes in honor of Rabbit. Another fun snack is honeycomb treats! Use a rice krispie bar recipe, but swap the rice krispies for honeycomb cereal.  Add some red and green sprinkles for an extra Christmas kick!

Create your free Disney Christmas online invitation, and start planning your party today! For even more impressive party ideas, be sure to visit Disney Family.


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