Plan a Backyard Oktoberfest Party

This fall, why not plan a festive backyard Oktoberfest party? Celebrate this traditional harvest festival in the great outdoors, and enjoy the crisper fall days. You don't need a huge outdoor space to host an enjoyable Oktoberfest party! All you need is a good group of friends, an area for people to enjoy some authentic food, and you're ready to celebrate.

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Make sure to have an indoor option too, just in case the weather doesn't look to be in your favor. Or, you can always rent a large tent and stick to your original plan. Long tables are a perfect way to encourage mingling, and will add a touch of the real Oktoberfest atmosphere! 

Here are a few ideas to get you started on your backyard Oktoberfest party:

Oktoberfest Invitations 

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Keep it simple! From blue and white streamers or balloons on a deck or a blue and white checkered tablecloth, napkins, and plates for your picnic table, it's easy to dress up your outdoor space. Another easy option is a vase with blue and white daisies for an inexpensive centerpiece. Here are more Oktoberfest decoration ideas.

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Serve traditional, hearty German fare for a truly authentic experience. Your guests will love a unique offering of soft pretzels, beer-marinated chicken, currywurst and more! Serve food in covered dishes and use paper plates and plastic utensils for easy cleanup. 

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While beer is a must, make sure to offer non-alcoholic beverages as well. Lemonade and iced tea are always refreshing options for an outdoor party. Any German beer will be well-suited to your gathering, such as pilsner, bock, marzen/Oktoberfest, hefeweizen, or kolsch just to make a few. Serve beer in large glass beer mugs, from the bottle or a keg if you're hosting a large enough party!

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