Patriotic July 4th Decorations

Make your Independence Day party a blast by incorporating patriotic July 4th decorations. Select decorations with the colors red, white and blue and feature traditional July 4th symbols such as the American flag, stars and Uncle Sam.

Here are some terrific do-it-yourself July 4th party decoration ideas to create a festive atmosphere for your July 4th party:

  • Centerpieces: Place centerpieces on each table to add to the July 4th décor. One idea for a July 4th centerpiece is to purchase large hats, similar in shape and design to Uncle Sam’s. Visit your local craft store to purchase red, white and blue stars and stripes and use them to decorate the hats. Next, poke small holes in the tops of the hats and insert decorative July 4th sparklers. (Look for sparklers that have a stick on the bottom and decorative sparklers made of metallic foil coming out of the top.)
  • Streamers: Purchase red, white and blue crepe streamers from your local party supply store for July 4th party decorations. Before unrolling the streamers, staple all of the ends together. Twist the streamers, while simultaneously attaching them to tables, chairs, fireplaces, banisters, lamp posts and entryways.
  • Flower Pots: Visit your local gardening center to purchase small flower pots. Paint the flower pots red, white and blue. Put Styrofoam in the bottom of the flower pots and cover the Styrofoam with artificial grass. Visit your local bakery or candy store to purchase chocolate lollipops in the shapes of either stars or American Flags. Stick the lollipops in the flower pots (the Styrofoam will keep them in place). Use the pots as 4th of July decorations for the party. Offer the lollipops to guests as they leave the celebration.
  • American Flags: American flags are well known 4th of July party decorations. Hang an American flag on a flag post in front of the house. It will help guests to identify the location of the July 4th party!
  • Balloons: Balloons make for both eye catching and fun July 4th decorations. Visit your local balloon supply store to order red, white and blue latex balloons. Place a July 4th themed mylar balloon in the center of a group of the latex balloons. Attach the balloon strings to chairs, the deck and lamppost. Set aside a group of the latex balloons to hand out to the kids at the end of the party.

Most of these July 4th decoration ideas you can set up the day before your party. However, you'll want to save the balloons until the day of the celebration. If you're not sure if the balloon supply store will be open on July 4th, you can always hire a local balloon company to come set up or purchase your own helium tank!

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