Colorful Party Planning for an Original Halloween

 Are you sick of witches and goblins, had your fill of Frankenstein, and think of bats are a bore? Consider colorful party planning for an original Halloween this year. Think about the basic visual spectrum of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Apply these colors to your Halloween party planning efforts!
 Use this checklist for planning your colorful Halloween party and brainstorming new ideas:
  • Guest List: Create a list of guests to invite to the colorful Halloween party. Include guests such as family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Determine the number of guests based on your budget, the size of the venue or residence, and your preference for a large or small Halloween party.
  • Venue Selection: Select a fantastic venue for the colorful Halloween party. Consider your home or a tent in the backyard. Set up heat lamps for chilly weather. Visit local party venues such as function halls, restaurant function rooms, or hotel function rooms. Search for a colorful location or a versatile space that will allow you to hang lots of colorful decorations on the walls.
  • Timing: Email invitations for the colorful Halloween party four to six weeks before the date of the event. Include information on the invitations such as the name of the event, date, time, and location. Plan to hold the event on a Friday or Saturday evening towards the end of October. Avoid a party between 5:00-8:00pm on the evening of Halloween as many families will be trick-or-treating!
  • Vendors: Research party vendors to assist with the organization of the colorful Halloween party. If there’s room in your budget, hire a local party planner who can assist with all of the planning. Search for a lighting specialist who can set up colorful lighting at the party. Hire a caterer to prepare food for the party. Serve foods that represent the seven-color spectrum. Create a table for each color food or divide one table into different sections. Think of options such as tomato and mozzarella salad (red), pumpkin pie (orange), yellow squash, green beans, blue chips, and cabbage (purple).
  • Activities: Assign each of your party guests a particular color to represent in their costume. At the party, separate the guests into their different categories and award prizes to the best costume in each color.
 A colorful Halloween party gives you plenty of room for imagination. Find creative solutions for everything from food to favors!
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