Ocean-Inspired 50th Birthday Decorations

Need tips for ocean-inspired 50th birthday decorations? No need to stress. Having an ocean-inspired theme is half the battle when deciding on 50th birthday party decorations. Keep with the theme and you will easily be able to incorporate ocean-inspired decorations into everything from your table scapes to flatware to the party space. Here are some tips to pull it off:


  • Colors: When shopping for your ocean-inspired 50th birthday party supplies, it is important to keep the color scheme the same. This will ensure that all of your decorations match and reflect your ocean theme. Ideal colors for an ocean-inspired party include all shades of blue ranging as well as silver, white, and light green.  However, it is important to note that the primary colors should be shades of blue. Things like streamers are a great way to decorate a space with your theme colors to transform a room into an ocean-inspired party space.
  • Centerpieces: A great idea for an ocean-inspired centerpiece is to create mini ocean scenes within vases. At your local craft store or party supply store purchase a glass vase, about 5-10 inches tall, sea shells, sand or fake sand alternative, a white candle, and any other ocean-inspired things you can find. Fill the vase with about an inch of sand and then place a your candle in the center.  Surround the candle with a few seashells and any other ocean decorations you prefer. Light the candle and then place them on the tables throughout your party to create a tasteful ocean-inspired ambiance.
  • Flowers: Talk to your florist about the types of flowers that grow near the ocean, or evoke a feeling of the ocean. Blue hydrangeas, for example, combined with white and green flowers make a pretty arrangement for your ocean theme. 

Ocean-Inspired 50th Birthday Decorations

  • Favors: For a decorative favor, order light and dark blue M&Ms. Then, mix the colors and fill champagne flutes with the candy at each guests' place setting. For an added touch, you can also personalize the champagne flutes with the event name and date.
  • Signage: Even though your party theme is inspired by the ocean, you still want to make sure that you include signs or decorations that let everyone at the party know that it is a 50th birthday party. It is, after all, a big occasion. For an ocean-inspired twist on traditional banners, try using a life preserver. Buy a life preserver online or at a boat shop, then have it hand painted with the guest of honor's name and age. You can hang it from the entrance or over the guest of honor's seat.


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