New Year’s Eve Favors

When the clock strikes midnight, you’ll want to be able to celebrate with festive New Year’s Eve party favors that capture the spirit and pizazz of the evening. Don’t worry about breaking the bank over the expenses either. New Year’s favors can be simple and inexpensive, but still add a big bang to your occasion. Plus, if you’re ever going to try your hand at making party favors New Year’s is the perfect time!

Check out these fabulous New Year party favor ideas:

  • Goody Bags: Some of the best New Year’s Eve favors are ones that will help your guests celebrate. Encourage a big ruckus when the ball drops by providing everyone with their own personal noisemaker and stash of confetti. Fill a small, clear cellophane bag three-quarters of the way full with confetti. Fold the top of the bag over the stem of a noisemaker and seal with a bright sticker.
  • Party Hats: Extend the celebration to your outfits with these New Year’s favors. Make your party hats as silly or sophisticated as you’d like. You’ll need construction paper, glue, ribbon, and a pair of scissors. For each hat, trace the outline of a 10-inch plate onto your paper and cut out the circles. Overlap the shapes over one another about one-third the diameter and glue together so that they create the point of a cone at one end. Curl ribbons for a tassel and affix to the top. You can also use ribbon to make sturdy chin ties so that your party hats will stay in place until the fun is over.
  • Friend Confetti: Your guests will go dotty when they see their own smiling faces decorating these New Year party favors. Print out digital photos of family and friends onto matte photo paper and then use ½-inch to 1-inch circle punches to cut out faces. Add some circles of brightly colored paper and vellum as well and package in envelopes for each of your guests. Hand out your favors at midnight for a celebratory toss of confetti as the new year arrives.
  • Good-Luck Gifts: New Year’s party favors take on a sweet and serendipitous note with these lucky charms. Did you know that in Italy lentils are thought to bring prosperity because they resemble little coins? Down in the South they also believe that eating black beans shows humility and thus brings good fortune. For your guests, package dried black-eyed peas or lentils in a jar with some savory dried herbs such as bay leaves, oregano, and thyme. Attach a gift card with a favorite recipe and handwritten cooking instructions.

Inaugurate the New Year in style with these fun and easy party favor ideas. They will add that special little boost to the holiday and ensure that everyone enjoys a new beginning with high spirits and good company.

Need to invite friends and family to your New Year’s Eve celebration this year? Try one of our free New Year’s Eve invitations!

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

Free New Year’s Eve party invitations

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