Music to Add Fright to Your Halloween Party

Have you ever noticed how much more scared you get by a horror movie because of its music? (If not, try watching one scene with the sound off!) The background music of any thriller can make you even more terrified than the actual events that unfold throughout the movie.

When planning your Halloween party or even when setting up for trick-or-treaters, keep these horror movies in mind as your inspiration. Spooky Halloween sounds will increase the fear factor of your party because they help transport your guests to the ghoulish world of Halloween.

The key in the addition of Halloween sounds to your home or party is to leave your guests frightened from the moment they step on the premises. As guests arrive at your house, play scary Halloween music out on your driveway, porch, or just inside the entrance to your home. To do this, first create a playlist of spooky Halloween music. Then, place speakers or boom boxes wherever you want the music to be played.

If you want ideas for scary Halloween music, the theme songs from thrilling TV shows and movies, like The Twilight Zone or A Nightmare on Elm St. will help to create a chilling atmosphere. These Halloween sounds will make your guests terrified to take another step!

Inside your home, play classic Halloween music like Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D,” piano pieces from the Japanese video game Castlevania, or any other organ pieces. This spooky Halloween music will keep guests on their toes and will also maintain an eerie air throughout the evening.

If you are having a party, think to add Halloween party music to your playlist. While spooky Halloween music is great to conjure up a frightening atmosphere for your party, guests will want to hear upbeat songs as well. Songs like “Monster Mash” and the theme to The Addams Family will maintain the Halloween theme while keeping the party lively. This classic Halloween music will get people on their feet and dancing. Besides, mixing the two kinds of music will make the spooky songs much scarier!

When thinking of frightening Halloween songs, just remember that songs with no words are usually your best bet. Just think: would this song be in a Halloween movie? If the answer is yes, then count it in. Be prepared to have a terrifying Halloween!

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