Monkey Cupcakes for a Jungle Party

 If you are planning a jungle themed party, monkey cupcakes are a great addition to your party that will surely impress your guests! All you'll need is a batch of vanilla cupcakes, chocolate frosting, red gel icing, vanilla wafers, and chocolate chips. Here are some quick and easy directions for how to decorate the cupcakes:
monkeycupcakes1.jpg 98.42 KB
  1.  Bake vanilla cupcakes as you normally would and wait for them to cool.
  2.  Frost the top of the cupcake using the chocolate icing
  3.  Place a whole vanilla wafer on the bottom half of the cupcake
  4.  Spread a little frosting over the top quarter of it to anchor it to the cupcake
  5.  Place the chocolate chips where the eyes should be on the monkey
  6.  Add two black “dots” of frosting on the vanilla wafer for the monkey’s nostrils
  7.  Use the red gel icing on the bottom of the wafer to give the monkey a smile
  8.  Cut a wafer in half and use it on either side of the cupcake to make monkey ears (so the ears extend over the edge of the cupcake)
 These cupcakes will be so adorable, they'll be hard to eat. But I'm sure that won't stop the kids from enjoying them!
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