Mardi Gras Decorations

 A Mardi Gras celebration is full of music, parties, food, costumes, and decorations. If you are hosting a Mardi Gras party in your home to celebrate, be sure to deck your walls, ceiling, floor, tables, and guests with plenty of Mardi Gras party decorations! Here are some great decorating ideas to make your Mardi Gras party a memorable and festive occasion:
  • Colors: Mardi Gras celebrations are full of bright, vibrant colors. Incorporate Mardi Gras colors like green, purple, gold, and silver throughout your party’s decorations. Tie three colorful balloons together and hang them near entranceways or on the backs of chairs. You can also hang colorful beads from ceiling fans and across lamps to decorate the room. Place the beads around your table centerpieces and table place settings. Another decorating idea is to hang small masks from the ceiling using ribbon.
  • Props and Costumes: One Mardi Gras party idea is to encourage your guests to wear costumes to your event. If you are worried that they may not have outfits or masks to wear, have a variety of props available for your guests to dress up in for the celebration. Fill a large trunk with Mardi Gras décor and costumes such as beads, hats, boas, and masks. You could also purchase some craft supplies and white paper masks for your guests to decorate on their own to wear at the party.
  • Lighting: Another great Mardi Gras decorating idea is to change your white light bulbs to purple or green to create a sense of ambiance. You can also light scented candles in Mardi Gras colors around the room of your party. Set up part of your room to look like a French quarter terrace – the perfect backdrop for party photos!
  • Table Settings: Set up your tables with unique Mardi Gras décor. You can find unusual trinkets to use as your table centerpieces at many stores or on online. If you find a lot of small items, fill up a glass vase with them and place it in the center of the table. Another Mardi Gras decorating idea is to place an assortment of colorful doubloons around the table. Doubloons are aluminum coin-like objects with the insignia of the float krewes. You could also encourage your guests to take the doubloons home as party favors.
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