Lunar New Year Craft Ideas

Put your thinking cap on and plan Lunar New Year craft ideas for the kids. Be creative and organize Lunar New Year crafts such as fans, firecrackers, and door hangers. Incorporate the traditional colors red and gold into the projects.

Here are a few ideas for Lunar New Year crafts for kids:

  • Lunar New Year Fans: Make beautiful fans for a Lunar New Year kids craft. Gather supplies which include three pieces of red construction paper, decorative stamps, gold acrylic paint, a paint brush, a glue stick, two gold chenille stems, and one red chenille stem. As a first step, decorate the red paper with the gold stamps. Use the glue stick to attach the three pieces of construction paper together. Fold the red paper into accordion style. Select one end of the fan, and hold all of the pleats together at that end by wrapping around the gold and red chenille stems.

  • Red Firecrackers: Make a string of firecrackers to scare aware evil spirits during the Lunar New Year. Gather the supplies, which include four cardboard tubes, red construction paper, tape, gold glitter glue, red or white yarn, and scissors. Use half a piece of red construction paper to roll around each tube and secure it with tape. Fold the ends of the construction paper inside the tube on both ends. Once dry, tape yarn inside one of the ends of each tube and string them together.

  • Door Hangers: Welcome good fortune into your home this Lunar New Year craft with door hangers. Decorate red foam door hangers with gold glitter. Make traditional patterns such as oranges and tangerines for good luck. Add Chinese lettering that says “welcome” on the door hanger. Find the details of the lettering online.
Hang up the Lunar New Year craft ideas for kids throughout your home. Hang the crafts from the ceiling, in the window, and even on doors. Give the crafts for presents, or decorate with them for a Lunar New Year celebration.

If you host your own Lunar New Year gathering, send online Lunar New Year invitations by text or email and easily gather RSVPs in minutes.

And don’t forget to send free Lunar New Year eCards to loved ones!

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