Kids Birthday Party Food

Kids Birthday Party Food

What is a birthday party without delicious snacks and treats? There are lots of kids birthday party food ideas that you can choose from when putting together your menu. When planning the food for a kids birthday party, you want to keep the food simple but make it fun with interesting shapes and serving platters that compliment the theme or décor of the party.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your kids birthday party food menu:

  • Allergies: These days it seems every other child has one food allergy or another. Make sure you find out if any of your little guests have special food allergies. In most cases you can work around those allergies in your menu. In other cases, the parents may want to provide their own food for the child.
  • Amount of Food: As with any party, the number of attendees will determine how much food you need. Put an RSVP by date on your invitations so you have some time to plan ahead. When in doubt, plan for more. If it means the difference between 4 and 5 pizzas. Just order the extra and don't stress. One of the best parts about having a party is that you almost always have left-overs!
  • Theme: Find ways to work the theme of the party into your birthday party menu. Whether there's a color scheme that makes sense (like pink and purple for a Princess Party) or specific food items (like fish sticks and Pirate's booty for a Pirate Party), incorporating the theme into the menu will enhance the party experience for the kids.
  • Find Balance: Traditionally, food for kids birthday parties has not been the most healthy food. Pizza, candy, and cake are pretty standard party fare. While there's nothing wrong with keeping things simple and indulging in delicious pizza now and then, try to strike a balance. If you're going to serve pizza, for example, give the kids milk to drink instead of sugary soda. You can also add veggie topping instead of pepperoni. It's all about balance.
  • Fun Touches: After all of your menu items have been chosen, give each one a festive twist so that it will compliment the theme of your kids birthday party. Some great ideas for this include serving the snacks in themed bowls, using cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches or pizza into fun shapes, or decorating your cupcakes with festive colored icing and mini cake toppers that tie in your theme.

The most important thing to remembers when making your kid’s birthday party food is to be creative, keep it fun, and you can’t go wrong!

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