Kids Birthday Invitations

If you're looking for kids birthday invitations, you're in the right place! Punchbowl has a wonderful free selection of kids birthday invites in popular themes such as foxes, princesses, fairies, and pirates, including the digital invitation designs shown below:

Free kids birthday templates by Punchbowl

Additional factors to consider when sending kids birthday invitations are as follows:

  • Guest List: The first thing to do when planning to send birthday invitations is to establish your guest list. How many kids do you want to invite? Do you want to invite all of the children in your child's class? Will the party be for kids and adults or just kids? When the kids reach a certain age, the party becomes more about the kids and less about the parents. Also, depending on the activity for your child's birthday, you may want to invite a few parents to help watch the kids.
  • Timing: In general, it is recommended that invitations for any type of event should be sent 4–6 weeks in advance. Invitations for kids parties can be sent 2-4 weeks before the party. This gives parents time to figure out their schedule, put your child's birthday on their calendar, get a present, etc.
  • Event Details: When you're ready to send your kids birthday invite, make sure it includes all of the relevant information such as date, time, location, etc. If you have special requests, such as no gifts or in lieu of gifts you'd like people to make a donation to a specific cause, you can also specify that on your invite. Also important for kids parties—knowing if any of the guests have food allergies. Give parents the opportunity to tell you any food allergies when they RSVP for their kids.

Whether you choose a kids birthday invitation that playfully matches the theme or one that matches the age-to-be, the key is to get the invites out in a timely way with all of the relevant info. As long as you follow those general guidelines, you'll be in great shape for your child's party!

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