Kentucky Derby Party Invitations

The Kentucky Derby party invitation is the first piece of information guests will receive about the party. Intrigue guests about your upcoming Kentucky Derby festivities by sending invitations that are attractive and leave guests in anticipation of the party. Create a positive first impression by spending effort to plan the details, design, wording and the method of sending the invitation.

  • Details: There is specific information that must be included on invitations. Include details such as the name of the event, who is throwing the event, the date, time, location and RSVP contact information.
  • Design: Select an invitation that keeps with the theme of the Kentucky Derby. Punchbowl offers some wonderful options for Kentucky Derby party invitations (a few examples are shown above). Festive Kentucky Derby invites may include any of the following:
    - Jockeys riding the horses at Churchill Downs racetrack
    - The Garland of Roses
    - Picture of a horseshoe
    - Picture of the gold trophy
    - Picture of Churchill Downs
  • Wording: The Kentucky Derby invitation wording is imperative in relaying party details to guests. Choose the wording based on whether the event will be formal or information. Here is an example of wording for a Kentucky Derby invitation:

The Kentucky Derby is a long awaited day

The fun is approaching, it is almost the first weekend in May

Gather your riding silks and racing gear

The day everyone has been waiting for is almost here!

Please join the Sarfan’s for a Kentucky Derby Party

May 7th


33 Hillston Road

Linton, MA 08436

Regrets only

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