Kentucky Derby Hat Party

One of the mainstays of the Kentucky Derby is the grand hats that are worn by the women in attendance. From the glamorous to the classy to the tacky, the hats have become an attraction on their own. Have your own Kentucky Derby fun by hosting a Kentucky Derby hat party!

Buy a few different styles of straw hats from a craft store. Then search your house or purchase all of the fixings your guests will need to create a unique, one-of-a-kind Derby hat. This includes ribbons with different patterns, silk flowers, colored feathers, lace, and anything else you can think of that will make a pretty hat.

Also, invite guests to bring their own accents to share with guests. You'd be amazed at how much stuff people hold on to such as buttons and ribbons.

On the day of your Kentucky Derby hat party, put all of the hats and accents on a table with a couple glue guns and fabric glue and let the ladies go to town. Make sure to give the women plenty of time to make their hats so they can don them when the big race is about to start!

After the race, you can do a fashion show and have a contest for the best hats. Give everyone an award, like "Most Creative Use of Feathers" or "Exceptional Use of Color." Keep it light and fun and everyone will go home with a fun favor from your party!

Like this idea and want to plan your own Kentucky Derby party? Get started now and choose the Punchbowl invite above to tell guests about your Kentucky Derby hat party!

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