Jungle Theme First Birthday Party

Jungle themes and animal prints are very popular right now and make a great theme for your child’s 1st birthday party. It works well for both boys and girls and fun possibilities for the party are endless!


To pull off a jungle themed first birthday party, create a jungle background with fern leaves, animal print fabrics and colorful feather butterflies and birds. Hire a face painter to turn the children into lions, zebras and tigers. It’s also a neat idea to decorate a large mirror with fern leaves from a craft store so the little ones can look at their painted faces. 

Group large jungle stuffed animals together for a rest corner. Have interesting animal books (both fiction and non-fiction which have great pictures) to steal some quiet moments from the party chaos. One year olds can get overwhelmed easily. You’ll get lots of use from these cool toys for years to come long after the jungle birthday party is over.

Download jungle music on your iPod so you can have tropical bird noises and drum sounds to set the tone. Speaking of music, have a variety of drums and shakers available so the birthday guests can take turns pounding to the rhythm. It’s nice to have a variety of activities so kids can explore at their own pace. 

Forego a traditional birthday cake and choose cupcakes with different jungle animal heads on each one. You can display them on faux fern leaves to keep the jungle green consistent throughout the décor. You can also serve animal crackers, finger sandwiches cut in animal shapes and a variety of tropical fruits cut in bite-size pieces. Since most one year olds drink from sippy cups, decorate them with paper cut-outs of different animals. This will help mom remember which cup is theirs. 

First birthday party planning and free online invitations can really be a lot of fun. Remember, your child won’t remember the actual jungle party, but you’ll capture priceless moments on film to share memories and stories for years to come. Besides, you only have a couple of years to plan without your child’s input so go for it and get creative! 

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