July 4th Crafts for Kids

Keep the kids busy on Independence Day with some entertaining July 4th crafts. Offer basic 4th of July crafts projects that allow the children to use their own imaginations when it comes to planning the details of their creations. Set up a kids craft table at your party and check in on the kids to make sure they're doing okay with their projects.

Here are a few July 4th craft ideas you can set up for the kids at your party:

  • American Flag: American flags are symbolic of the 4th of July; and they also make for great 4th of July crafts! Supply popsicle sticks, glue, red, white and blue paint, star stickers and sparkles. Be sure that the glue and paint are both non-toxic. Create the base of the American Flag by placing four popsicle sticks in the shape of a square. The ends of the popsicle sticks should overlap each other. Squirt dots of glue between the popsicle stick corners to create the frame. The remainder of the project is straight forward and simple! Squirt lines of glue on the right and left popsicle sticks that make up the frame. Place the popsicle sticks horizontally from the top to the bottom of the frame until it is completely filled. Once the glue is dry, give the paint, stickers and sparkles to the kids. Older kids may paint red and white stripes with a blue box in the upper left hand corner. Younger children may create their own versions of 4th of July kids crafts!
  • Uncle Sam’s Hat: Decorate hats (Uncle Sam’s) for fun 4th of July crafts for kids. Purchase either felt or plastic hats in the colors red and blue. Visit your local craft store to purchase red, white and blue puffy paint, ribbon, sparkles and gems. Search for American Flag and star stickers as well. Once the project is complete, award prizes to all the kids. For example, if there are five children participating in the project, think of five awards – most creative hat, prettiest hat, most patriotic hat, best designed hat and most well-thought-out hat.
  • Pinwheel: Colorful pinwheels are terrific July 4th crafts for kids. Gather two pieces of construction paper, scissors, a hole puncher, a push-pin, a pencil with an eraser, markers and stickers. Stack two pieces of construction paper on top of each other. Take the bottom right hand corners of the papers, and fold them upwards and over to the left edge of the paper. There should be around 1.5 inches of construction paper left at the top. Use scissors to cut off the 1.5 inches. You will be left with a triangle shape. Make it into a smaller triangle by folding the paper over again. Next, open the paper, and decorate one side of each piece of paper. Put the plain sides of the paper together, and cut a total of four cuts (along the folded lines), halfway to the center. Punch a hole in each corner (a total of four holes). Fold the hole-punched edges inwards towards the center. Use a push-pin to hold all four edges in place, in the center. Push the end of the push-pin into the eraser of the pencil. Last but not least, have fun with your pinwheel!

Once the kids have finished their July 4th crafts, have a parade to let them show off their creations! Play music as the kids parade through the yard wearing their hats waving their flags and pinwheels!

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