July 4th Activities

Celebrate Independence Day by planning fun and exciting July 4th activities. There are many things to do on July 4th and often events are planned by local cities and towns. A few July 4th events that may be going on in your community are a July 4th parade or July 4th fireworks display. Other activities to consider include goign on a July 4th cruise or planning a cookout.

  • July 4th Parade: If there's a July 4th parade in your area, plan to attend as a way to celebrate the day! Consider visiting the parade route the night before to reserve spots by placing seats alongside the road. Pack cool and refreshing snacks and drinks for the kids such as fruit, water and a special sweet surprise. Before leaving the house, offer to draw American flags on the kids’ faces with face paint. Throughout the parade encourage the kids to wave American Flags to get in the July 4th spirit. Be sure to pack sunscreen and hats to stay protected in the warm summer sun!
  • July 4th Fireworks: View the July 4th fireworks to experience a romantic evening with your significant other, or to gather and enjoy the company of close friends. Be sure to pack either a blanket or chairs to sit on during the fireworks show — many July 4th fireworks displays can last anywhere from 30-45 minutes! Don't forget bug spray to avoid getting mosquito bites!
  • July 4th Cruise:  A July 4th cruise is a great way to celebrate red, white and blue! Invite family and friends to join the fun. Plan to have lunch or dinner on the cruise. Some cruises also offer an open bar. Research cruises that have live entertainment, such as a band or comedian. Be sure to pack sea-sickness medication, if needed!
  • July 4th Barbeque: Plan a July 4th barbeque in the backyard, and invite family and friends. Cook foods such as hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill yourself, or hire a local caterer to prepare barbeque style food such as barbeque chicken, ribs and steak tips. Consider setting up a large tent for guests to shield any rain showers.

Check your local newspaper to find out what other July 4th activities are happening in your area. Other popular events for this holiday include fun runs (typically 5K races for charity), sporting events, concerts, and more.

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