Its a Pirate Themed Pool P-arrr-ty

 Ahoy there mateys! A pirate themed pool party is a great way to celebrate summer! Send a pirate invitation to your guest list so you can focus on the real fun: decorations, snacks, and activities.
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  • Decorations: Focus the decorations for your pirate pool party around your swimming pool. Hang up pirate flags, fishing nets, and a treasure map to create a pirate scene. You can age the treasure map paper by blotting it using wet tea bags. Also, a parrot stuffed animal can be a great fixture to greet guests as they walk into the party.
  • Favors: As the children arrive, hand out eye patches and pirate hats for them to wear.
  • Snacks: Pirate’s Booty popcorn and grog (fruit punch) are great snacks to serve during the party. Pirate cupcakes are a fun dessert to serve and add to the pirate atmosphere. Here's a design for a cupcake pirate:

  • Activities: No pirate party is complete without a treasure hunt! Print clues on eight different cards that spell out the word T-R-E-A-S-U-R-E. Hide prizes like gold coins or pirate stickers around the yard beforehand and have the children search for the prizes using the clues. Then have the last clue bring the children to a treasure chest filled with goody bags. Other fun games for the children to play during the pirate pool party are to walk the plank (off the diving board into the pool), have a cannon-ball fight using water balloons, and a ring toss.
 What are you waiting for? Start planning your pirate themed pool party now
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