Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Haunted House

Not all haunted houses have to be ghoulish and scare the pants off everyone. Get creative this year with some kid-friendly ways to decorate your haunted house for Halloween and games that won’t have the neighborhood kids running for the hills. 
Scare up some little ghouls and goblins from your neighborhood when you send Haunted House online invitations conveniently by email or text. Here are a few of the options from our Halloween Collection.

Here are a few kid-friendly ways to decorate your Haunted House this Halloween:
  • Have the kids paint their faces when they arrive. Whether it’s a zombie, Frankenstein, or a spooky pumpkin, it’s a little less scary when the kids have worked on the face painting themselves!
  • Fill up white plastic trash bags with leaves and tie them up. On the outside, use a thick black marker to make creative pumpkin faces. They can be silly or scary based on the kids you know will be coming to the house. Place the final creation on the porch along with your carved pumpkins and cornstalks. 
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  • Decorate the walls with glow-in-the-dark spider, bar, and witch decals. Spooky, but not over the top. 
  • Use your backyard for a haunted scavenger hunt! When each child makes their way to the backyard, give them a list of items to find - like skeletons, witch hats, or even eyeballs (peeled grapes!) At the end of the creepy hunt, give the winner a stash of some Halloween candy!
  • Serve a yummy Halloween punch from a witch’s cauldron and place it in front of a fog machine so it looks like the cauldron is brewing up something good! Or you can use a cauldron filled with water and apples to get the kids bobbin’ for apples. 
  • Create a menu that all the kids will love: 
    • Graveyard Cake: Bake a regular sheet cake and frost it. Top it with crumbled Oreos for a graveyard look. Frost some nutter butters and write RIP on them in icing; stick those into the ‘graveyard.’ Sprinkle gummy worms about the yard to make it look extra spooky. Try it with cupcakes, too!
    • Creepy Crawly Jello Cups: Pour different colored Jello into small clear cups and before the mixture hardens, add gummy worms to make them look like bugs. 
    • Ghost Cupcakes: Make chocolate cupcakes and frost them with a whipped white frosting (or even whipped cream). Swirl the frosting on the cupcake so it stands up tall, then use chocolate chips to give the frosting ghost 2 eyes and a mouth!
Kick off your Haunted House planning today and send free, kid-friendly online Halloween invitations to your friends and family. These are just a few fun and creative ways to get the whole family involved in the Haunted House this year. Let the decorating begin!
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