Ideas for a 7th Birthday Party

Can’t think of ideas for a 7th birthday party? Don’t stress! There are lots of party ideas that will make your child’s birthday celebration memorable. Whether it’s a 7th birthday party for a girl or a boy, here are five popular 7th birthday party ideas that are fun for everyone.

Get a head start on your 7th birthday planning with these ideas:

  • Pizza Party: Host a pizza making party for your child’s 7th birthday party. Kids love pizza and love to get involved in the kitchen, which makes this an ideal theme for any birthday. Purchase all of the pizza making supplies in advance including cheese, toppings, sauce, pizza dough and a pizza stone. As party favors, give each child their own apron to wear during the pizza making process. To be even more festive, create a pizza birthday cake that looks savory, but is actually topped with sweet ingredients.

7th birthday party ideas for boys:

  • Circus Party: A circus party theme is perfect for an over-the-top birthday celebration. Create your own big top celebration in your house or in your backyard and include all of the circus staples such as balloons, clowns, face painters, jugglers and a petting zoo. Serve circus-inspired party food as well. Things like hotdogs, corn dogs, cotton candy and snow cones would all work well. A big top theme will make your 7th birthday celebration unique and unforgettable.
  • Outer Space Party: For a 7th birthday party that is out of this world, make it an outer space themed celebration. Boys are fascinated with the planets, stars, spaceships and astronauts so this theme is a guaranteed hit. Use the theme to help inspire all of your party decorations, invitations and food. Play games that are outer space inspired such as planet bingo or an outer space trivia game.

7th birthday party ideas for girls:

  • Ice Skating Party: If the birthday party falls during the winter months, this theme complements the season perfectly. Host the birthday party at a local skating rink. Most skating rinks offer group rates on skate rentals and ice time. After skating, continue the celebration at the rink or at your home. Provide comforting treats like hot chocolate, grilled cheese and soup along with an ice skating themed birthday cake.
  • Pool Party: Whether you have a pool at your house or decide to go to local pool, this theme is a fun way to celebrate a 7th birthday during the warm summer months. Send out pool themed 7th birthday party invitations and remember to include details about location, time, date, and what swimwear is required. Make sure you have enough adult supervision or have a certified lifeguard on duty to prevent any accidents while the children are swimming. Serve summer inspired food like hamburgers, hotdogs, popsicles, ice cream bars and cookies along with the pool themed 7th birthday cake. As a party favor, give each guest a new beach towel or pool toy.

Send out an online 7th birthday party invitation a few weeks before the party and have fun planning!

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