How to Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments

The best Christmas ornaments are often the ones made by hand because they have wonderful sentimental value. Most homemade Christmas ornaments are easy to make and are also a perfect stocking stuffer or present for Grandma! Decorating the Christmas tree is a wonderful activity to do as a family, especially when you reflect on where each ornament was purchased or who made a particular homemade Christmas ornament. Make Christmas ornaments this year and every year as a tradition and keep idle hands busy while the snow falls outside.

Homemade Christmas ornament ideas and Christmas ornaments to make yourself: 

  • Print a favorite photo and glue it inside a metal Christmas-themed cookie cutter. Tie colored ribbon around the edge and write the date with permanent marker on the bottom.
  • Cut out all the parts of a snowman using felt fabric. Let kids build their own using craft glue and their imagination!
  • Gather pinecones from outside and allow them to dry near a heat source overnight. Paint with glitter glue and set inside the branches of your Christmas tree.
  • Plaster handprints make great family Christmas ornaments. Kits are sold at craft and toy stores and are super easy for kids and adults alike. Arrange for all kids in a family to do a handprint and wrap together as a present for grandparents.
  • Decorate clear plastic ball ornaments with used Christmas wrapping paper and Modge Podge. An assortment of different wrapping papers makes for a very colorful tree!

When the days are cold and the snow is falling, making Christmas ornaments is the perfect activity for a group of kids, friends, or a family. Use your imagination when thinking of ideas and personalize the ornaments as much as possible or write a significant date, poem or sentiment if giving one as a gift. Send one of our free Christmas party invitations to gather your friends and family together!

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