How to Make a Santa Hat

Enjoy the magic of the holiday season and learn how to make a Santa hat! Gather the supplies necessary to make a Santa hat, which include construction paper, red craft fur material, white craft fur material, a sewing machine with white thread, pins, a glue gun, and a white pom-pom.

Follow these directions to learn how to make a Christmas hat:

  1. Cut out a strip of construction paper and measure it to the circumference of your head.
  2. Spread the red craft fur out flat on a table, fur side facing downwards, and prepare to cut out a triangle. Use the strip of construction paper to measure the length of the bottom of the triangle, and add one extra inch of material. Cut the material into a triangle shape.
  3. Cut out a strip of white fur that is the same length as the bottom of the red triangle, and two inches in width. Lay the white fur, fur facing upwards, on top of the bottom edge of the red triangle shaped fabric. Pin the red and white fabric together.
  4. Use the sewing machine to sew the white fur to the red fur. Allow for a 1-inch seam.
  5. Fold the fur in half, vertically, so the red fur faces inwards. Match one end of the white strip to the other end of the white strip. Pin the edges of the red and white fabric vertically.
  6. Use the sewing machine to sew a vertical line along the pins. Remove the pins once complete.
  7. Reach inside of the hat, and turn it right side out so the red fur faces the outside. Fold the white fur up to cover the edge of the red fur.
  8. Use the glue gun to attach the white pom-pom to the top of the hat.

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