How to Choose the Perfect Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to show your appreciation to your guests for attending your event, but sometimes they are not the easiest of things to choose. The best way to decide what types of favors to give your guests is to think about the type of party you are hosting and the age group of the guests. Here are a few tips for choosing your perfect party favors:


  • Children will love any type of favor that will give them an activity to do or something fun to play with. Some great favors are bubbles, coloring books and crayons, candy, toys, and books. You can also never go wrong with candy!
  • Teenagers, on the other hand, will want something a little bit sophisticated for their favors than toys. For girls, things like nail polish, picture frames, or cool candles would be perfect party favors. Teenage boys would prefer something related to video games, sports, or music.
  • If you’re trying to pick out favors for an adult party, think about whether the event is more formal like a wedding or baby shower, or just a casual get together with friends. For a formal event, table centerpieces like flower arrangements or vases make great party favors for the guests to bring home. If your event is more informal, simple gifts like cookies, margarita glasses, or scratch cards are great favors.

You can always personalize party favors for guests as well. Whether you order personalized candy tins with a memorable photo or make t-shirts for everyone, your guests will walk away with a keepsake from your party.

Enjoy Planning.

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