How to Carve a Turkey

After you have spent all day preparing your Thanksgiving meal and it is finally ready to eat, carving the turkey can often be the biggest challenge. It’s important to make sure you carve it correctly to savor every bit of your hard work. Whether you have been responsible for carving a turkey in the past or if this is your first time, these turkey carving tips will help you brush up on your technique!

Here is some helpful advice about how to carve a turkey:

Turkey Carving Instructions


  • Large serving plate
  • Cutting Board
  • Long sharp carving knife
  • Carving fork


  1. After your turkey has rested outside of the oven for about 20 minutes, you can begin to carve. Start by first removing the thigh and the leg. To do this, use you knife to separate the thigh from the body by finding the joint. Slip the knife into the joint socket to help separate. Make sure you are not cutting the bone. Do this on both sides of the turkey.
  2. Next, separate the thigh from the leg using the same technique as a before. Once separated, place the thigh and leg on your serving platter.
  3. Using your knife to find the joint that connects the wings to the body, separate them and place the wings on your serving platter. Do this for both sides.
  4. Now you are ready for carving turkey breast. For the best slices you want to cut parallel along the breast, slicing the meat as thin or as thick as you please. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Place all of the turkey meat onto a serving platter.

For a special touch, decorate your serving platter with seasonal items such as grape bundles, apples, and gourds. Serve your turkey to your Thanksgiving guests and enjoy!

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