Host Your Own Oktoberfest Celebration

Incorporate Oktoberfest party ideas into your fall party planning! As you put together your wonderful harvest celebration, consider whether you will host your Oktoberfest festivities inside or outside. You’ll also need to think about whether the party will be kid-friendly or for adults only. If you don’t want to prepare your home for a big gathering, plan an Oktoberfest excursion or group activity for your friends and family.
Here are a few party planning considerations and Oktoberfest ideas:
  • Inside vs. Outside: Base your decision to throw an indoor or outdoor Oktoberfest celebration on the number of guests you expect to attend, the size of your residence or venue, and your location. Throw an outside Oktoberfest party to accommodate a large guest list or to alleviate any space concerns at a smaller venue or residence. Throw an indoor celebration for a small gathering friends. Be sure to plan for the climate conditions. Set up tents and heat lamps if you expect cool weather.
  • Adults-Only vs. Kid-Friendly: Decide whether you want an adult Oktoberfest celebration or a kid-friendly party. An adults-only party can focus on beer (organize a tasting for a fun activity) while a kid-friendly party will need to have alternative harvest-themed crafts, activities, and games.
  • Party vs. Group Activity: Host an Oktoberfest party or plan a group activity for your celebration. Plan an event with a traditional Oktoberfest party theme such as a German theme, blue and white theme, or pretzel theme. For another idea, organize a little field trip for your guests. Plan a tour of a brewery or find a venue for making your own beer.
However you decide to plan your Oktoberfest celebration, rest assured your guests will express appreciation for all your party planning efforts. Have fun celebrating the fall season!
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