Host a Delicious Summer Clambake

Leave the hot dogs and hamburgers at home and plan a traditional Boston clambake instead! Even if you don’t live in New England, you can still host a backyard clambake to bring together friends and family for a delicious summertime tradition.

Host a Delicious Summer Clambake

If you’re not familiar with a clambake, here are some ideas to get you started. Summer clambake tips include:

  • Invitations: First, select an invitation with a summer scene to get guests excited for what’s to come. For simple, yet elegant online invitations, start here. Include information such as the name of the event, the date, time and location. Use clambake invitation wording such as: “Get ready for clams and lobsters underneath the summer sun!”

free online invitation

free online invitation

  • Decorations: Create the scene of a traditional New England clambake with plastic, red and white checkered table cloths. Additionally, bring the beach to your backyard and decorate the tables with seashells. You can also hang nets from the trees and fill them with plastic fish, crabs, silver dollars, and starfish.
  • Main Course: Cook the live lobsters and clams in a large pot with a steamer basket and some salt. Pour water into the pot and bring to a boil. Add about 1 tablespoon of salt for every one quart of water. Add the lobsters and steamer basket to the boiling water. Cook one-pound lobsters for about 12 minutes. Cook lobsters that weigh a pound and a half for about 15 minutes. Check the pot periodically and add more water if necessary. Break open a small lobster leg to test if the lobsters are ready. Have bowls on the tables for lobster and clam shells. Crack them open, eat and enjoy!
  • Side Dishes: Cook traditional sides for your clambake such as corn on the cob and oven-roasted potatoes. Serve New England clam chowder as well as fresh-baked cornbread to compliment the theme of the party.
  • Dessert: Apple pie is the perfect way to end a traditional New England clambake. You can also cut slices of watermelon for a delicious and refreshing dessert.

Summer Clambake Ideas

Throw the clambake on a special occasion, such as the Fourth of July or Labor Day. Incorporate the holiday theme with the clambake and decorate with the colors red, white and blue. Keep the setting of the summer clambake casual and laid-back. Finally, remember to relax, and enjoy yourself!

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