Holiday Dinner Centerpiece Ideas

Add some charm to your table this season with a holiday centerpiece. Display simple, tasteful holiday centerpieces with lots of festive appeal. Be creative and display a table runner and candles, faux snow balls in vases, and elaborate fruit baskets. 

Consider these holiday centerpiece ideas:

  • Table Runner and Candles: Start with a simple white or ivory tablecloth as the base. Pick your favorite holiday table runner, lay it flat in the center of your table and pin it to the edges of your tablecloth for a smooth look. Complement the table runner with beautifully decorated napkin holders. Place small white pillar candles in the center of each napkin holder, and stagger them about a half a foot from one another all the way down the center of the table runner. When lit, the candles emit a warm light that bounces off the napkin holders.
  • Snow Balls: Purchase square, white ceramic vases from your local craft store (the shorter the better). You'll also need blocks of Styrofoam, Styrofoam balls, craft sticks, glue, and white shredded paper. Place a block of Styrofoam in each vase, and push a craft stick into the center. Next, cover the Styrofoam balls in glue, and roll them in white shredded paper. Once dry, stick the Styrofoam balls on the craft sticks. Arrange multiple snow ball vases on each table at varying heights. Add silver glitter for an extra special touch.
  • Fruit Basket: Make delicious fruit baskets for easy holiday centerpieces. Line a large basket with decorative paper and then arrange fruits like apples, pears, oranges and even cans of nuts in the basket. Add decorative ribbon to the handle of the basket. For a special treat, add some chocolates for super scrumptious holiday table centerpieces.

Create a warm, decadent and inviting table setting to evoke everyone's favorite part of the holidays—the tables full of food! Have fun with these easy table decorations, and add to the holiday spirit.

Plan your own holiday dinner party with this beautiful, free Christmas invitation. 

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Free Christmas party invitations

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