Havana-Themed Pool Party

Throw a festive Havana theme party in the comfort of your own backyard. Plan Havana themed decorations, menus, music and favors. Involve guests in the theme and ask them to come dressed in Havana-themed island attire.

Havana-themed pool party ideas include:

  • Decorations: Decorate your backyard with Havana party decorations. Incorporate lots of different colors such as aqua, brown, orange, and bright pink in the pool party theme. String lights in your doorways or on patio umbrellas to create colorful illuminations throughout the event. Create a sultry Havana ambiance with colorful candles around the pool.
  • Attire: On Havana themed party invitations, request that guests wear specific attire. Tell the men wear tropical print shirts and bathing suits that would be considered appropriate for Havana themed pool parties. Ask that the women wear tropical cocktail dresses over their bathing suits. You can call the attire “island-inspired.”
  • Menu: Serve a variety of tropical foods such as mangos, papayas, pineapples, oranges, and coconuts. Other Cuban-inspired foods include quesadillas, taquitos, black beans and rice. For drinks, serve margaritas, mojitos and sangria. Add garnishes such as slices of fruit, mint leaves and sugar or salt on the rims of the glasses.
  • Music: Play salsa music in the background to get your guests in the Havana party theme mindset. Select music by artists such as Celia Cruz, Jose Alberto, and Oscar De Leon. Move some of your patio furniture before your party to create a dance floor for guests.
  • Favors: Leave a lasting impression on guests after the party with party favors. Give each of the women an exotic flower, such as an orchid. Pass out Cuban cigars to the men as they leave the Havana themed party.

A Havana pool party is an inspired summer party theme. Share a few laughs and good memories with your friends and family!

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